About Texeng and What We Offer

This website is a one-stop place for issues surrounding technology and manufacturing industry. Established in 2019, the site focuses on computer software, applications, technology and the manufacturing industry. We have compiled several topics which are useful for both beginners and experts. Our articles are well researched and written in an easy to understand language. They deliver the messages in a way that can be understood, even by those who are not well versed in technological topics.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are a helpful and friendly team of passionate people who are experienced in the topic of technology. We have realised that there is a large population of people who imagine that technology can only be understood by geeks, and we are here to demystify that myth. We aim to handle topics such as computer software and exhaust all the possible questions you may have. We also understand that the world is now focusing more on manufacturers and innovators. If you are one of them, our site will give you all the details you need about effectively running your company. Having a consultant is one of the ways of growing the company. We have partnered with established people in the consultancy business to give us their opinions and facts. Some of the topics the experts handle include how to become a good consultant and what they tackle, the qualities of a professional consultant, and questions that people who are hiring them must ask.

We are dedicated to researching different areas of technological advancements and manufacturing. Feel free, at any time, to reach out to us if you have any questions and concerns.