Popular Open-Source and Free Software for Computers

There is a commonly held misconception that for you to have the right software on your computer, you should be willing to cough up a lot of money. The reality is that there are many free and open source software programmes which can be used to make work so much easier.

Free and Open-Source Software

  • Audio: People wanting to listen to audio, and edit their own sound clips, can use Audacity, which is open-source and free software that can edit several audio files at one time. The software can be used on any Windows, Linux and Mac devices. Ocenaudio is another free software programme which is preferred by many people. This is because it is easy to use, and it shows you the progress you are making as you edit.
  • Messaging apps: For people whose daily activities involve a lot of chatting, some of the popular messaging apps are Telegram and WhatsApp, both of which allow for encrypted messaging among users.
  • Password managers: To ensure that you are safe while using the internet, you need a good password manager which prevents you from being vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Some of the popular password managers are LastPass that allows secure sharing of passwords and for storage of personal information in the cloud system. Another excellent password managing software programme is Dashlane that also comes with a VPN. The trick is to identify a reliable open-source platform to source for software.
  • VPNs: VPN software allows you to access the internet without leaving traces of your IP address for people to know what you are doing online. Some of the popular VPNs are NordVPN and CyberGhost.
  • Antivirus: To protect your computer from attacks by malware and phishing, you need antivirus software. There are several versions of free antivirus programmes such as Avast. There are others which allow for a free trial and a discounted subscription fee.