Risks of Using Unlicensed Software

As much as many software developers endeavour to ensure that their products are licensed, the reality is, that there is still software worth billions of dollars, which is unlicensed, and available on the market. This pirated software is downloaded and used by individuals and businesses who do not know the risks involved.

Why You Should Not Use Unlicensed Software

  • It exposes your computer to attacks: There have been many reports of malicious software developers putting malware in downloadable files. Once users install this software, their computers become vulnerable to attacks from hackers. If you are in business, you also risk exposing your customers to hazards.
  • It is unreliable: The risk of using unlicensed software is that you do not know when it could stop working. Most of the pirated software works by cracking the system of the original one, and this means that consumers do not have the rights to upgrade or troubleshoot in case of downtime.
  • It can land you with legal problems: Owning unlicensed software is regarded as an infringement of copyright, since it steals from the original idea. In some states, you can be taken to court and compelled to pay.
  • It lowers your reputation: This is especially true if you run a business. Can you imagine the image you project in front of your customers if they learn that you are using unlicensed software? It shows a lack of integrity, and your employees might take this as a sign that you do not value honesty.

Other than the risks to you, using unlicensed software also puts people who are hard-working out of work. Besides, the original developers who spent hours and money coming up with the concept end up losing a lot from it. You should think of that and stick to the licensed software only.